Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dear friends,
we appologize for not updating our blogy for more than two weeks. Here are the big news from our household: yesterday morning pawrents came back with this creature.
She was scrawny, starving and desperatly following people on the street of a small town called Horconcitos, hoping to get some food from them. It looks like she had "owners" as there was a string around her frail little neck. What kind of miserable creature could have let such a small girl go on without any food for days? Pawrents took her to our vet who gave her some vitamins and said that she is still a puppy, only four months old.
She spent rest of the day resting and slowly munching her puppy food.
As for me, I spent the rest of the day feeling jelaous. Pawrents tried to warm me up to Sonia and said that she is with us only permanently, until they find her a new home. Still, I wish everything was like it used to be in our home.
Sophie beagle

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Identity crisis

Dear friends,
You know how my mum introduced me as a beagle mutt at the beginning of our blog? Well, my vet says that I might not be a beagle mutt at all.
He claimed that I am way too tall to be a part beagle.
Here is a picture of a handsome beagle anonymous to be compared with a picture of me, a beagle wannabe.
Hey Eduardo, this is my momma by the way (you wanted to see pictures of pawrents)
Mum asked the vet if I could possibly be a beagle/dalmatian mix but he said: probably not as dalmatians are to tall to bother mixing with beagles.

I still think I got those dark spots from a dalmatian grandma or grandpa.
Louis has his own ancestral issues. Pawrents thought his jaws and wrinkles on his forehead were signs of a pit bull influence but who knows anymore.
Can any of my friends help me decide what kind of mutts we are? Thank you in advance!
Sophie and Lou

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun in the sun

Dear friends, Roscoe doodle here,
it was a nice sunny day yesterday and we made a trip to the beach. We were climbing down the steps and I came down first. C'mon ma' hurry up!

That's one nice beach.

The best place for fetching sticks.

I got it! Am I a good stick hunter or what?

That was a tough day for a Roscoe doodle boy. At the same time in David, where we live two other mutts had to stay home because they don't travel well. Louis and Sophie thought about meaning of canine existance.

How dare you leave us behind, our so called "pawrents"?
Roscoe, Sophie, Louis

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Extended family

Dear friends, Sophie here
Today I want to talk about our extended family. Two more animals share the same household but not the big bed. They are Boris the deer and Josephine the turtle.

Boris lives in our garden where he spends his days mainly eating garden plants (pawrents did not think about that one before dad brought him in), bananas, papayas and grains. All the humans who see him rave about his beauty and elegance. I am not so easily impresed by his innocent looks and that is why I howl my beaglish head off whenever pawrents make a mistake and leave a door to the back patio open.

Josephine the turtle is a whole different story. Dad adopted her from a person who didn't want to have her as a pet. We are still not sure if she used to be a pet or a wild turtle but she seems to like her life here and hasn't try escaping. Mom decided that because of gender balance in the house we need a girl so they named her Josephine even though no one knows what exactly her gender is. Mum furnished her habitat with a lot of bright colours.

We envy you doggies who had a fun howloween. We didn't do any trick or treating, but this is my costume as East European peasant girl.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gift basket

Dear friends,
a few days ago we were all excited and happy. Muttallica band received unexpected gift from our vet who celebrated St. Francis day by sending their valued customers a gift basket filled with all kinds of doggie goodies.

Why are we vet's valued customers? None of us have any kind of chronical health problems but both of our pawrents rush to the vet as soon as they feel a lump on any of us, which usualy turn out to be due to fat since the two of us are battling with obesity. But that is a whole different story. First it was me Roscoe Doodle who tried to open the basket but I didn't manage. Sophie Beagle tried it as well but she also misses opposable tumb, so mum had to do it. Here is what was inside of the basket
I have to admitt I wasn't too impressed with the taste of the orange bone, but that was just me. Cookie like that tasted too ordinary and I am a doggie with distinct taste.

Unlike me, Sophie lunged at her cookie straight away
We even got three bandanas with our names on it!
Green for the boys (Louis's name was mispelled as "Lewis")
and pink for the girl
That was a great day for a bunch of mutts. Huggs and kisses from Roscoe Doodle

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sophie and scrawny feet

This is me taking a rest after a busy day of howling and running around.
Dad walked by and told me I have scrawny feet.

How rude is that? My feet are perfect: I can use them to run, jump and scratch inside my ears. Of course they have to be long and slim.
So, please dad don't tel me I can't become a supermodel with feet like this

Sophie beagle

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Louis the pit bull mutt

I am Muttalica's valued drummer. According to my pawrents' frequent testimonies I am the best behaved of all three. I think that's accurate. I do not bark at other dogs like Roscoe does nor do I flirt with every new man who visits the house like Sophie beagle does. I know how bad the doggie's life can get and that is why I enjoy the happiness I found with my new people.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roscoe doodle

I am a bass player in Muttallica. I know how to enjoy canine life's finer aspects like snuggling and napping on the sofa with my people. Refined taste does not allow me to eat just any dog food. My preference is a steak or hamburger meat mixed with some kibble. Personally I would prefer to be my pawrents' only child but they insisted on bringing in those other mutts to my home. Unfortunately.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Introducing Sophie Beagle mutt

I am a vocalist in the band Muttallica. I have a beautiful beagalicious voice that melts the hearts of my parents and tests the patience of my neighbors. I am the most attention seeking puppy of all my brothers but my beaglish charm usualy gets me all strokes and kisses I need from my humans.