Friday, September 25, 2009


Dear friends,
After a long time, here is an update from our canine family. We are all happy and in the good health. Stinky and Eva, the two smallest girls became best friends aka "the wiggle girls". They both like to chase Boris the deer and when they are not competing for his attention, they, play, wrestle and nap together.
But the real big news we wanted to break today is: we have a new family member. His name is Carlito. He is much older than all of us, but our vet couldn't tell how old exactly he is. He thought he is about eight years old. He was owned by our neighbor who did not take great care of him. One of his front legs was hit by a car a long time ago and he has been limping on his three legs ever since. In addition to that his beautiful coat was a home to all kinds of bugs. Carlito had to stay outside the house and sometimes he would wander off and our pawrents were afraid that something bad might happen to him so they bought him from his previous owners. He is very happy with his new family, but mainly enjoys quiet snuggles with his new daddy.

Someone might wonder what is a hooman life like with so many kids. Here is a pic of an attempted afternoon nap. Stinky is absent because she was snapping this photo.

Love you all,