Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear all,
here is Roscoe Doodle woofing the new story from Muttallica household. I overheard my pawrents talking how Sonia aka Stinky will eventually become an office dog back in Horconcitos and how they'll adopt another starving doggie and turn him/her into an office dog as well to keep Sonia a company. As it usualy happens it doesn't take too long for Mum to come home with a new mutt. She found him at the center of David. He was so weak from malnutrition that he barely moved. After a few days at the animal hospital he looked a little better. So here is Harvey the dog.
It is not easy to move around the house in which two humans and five canines walk, growl and wag their tails, so I am hopeful that two newcomers will soon depart for their new post as office managers in Horconsitos.
Mum is talking how she will miss little Stinky but whenever she comes back from a walk with four of us (Harvey is till too weak to walk a lot) she swears that Muttalica will become a trio again.
Our new friend Nessa (Queen of Slovenia) gave as this lovely friendship award. [award.jpg]
We were so sorry to hear sad news about Sen Chen, Destiny and Zoe (Addie's sister) and we are forwarding this award to their families.
Roscoe Doodle

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boris vs. Stinky

Dear friends, here is Boris the deer. Couple of blog entries ago my mum posted a very lame photo of me and here is her chance to fix that mistake. This is me, Boris the deer in my sophisitcated beauty. My little antlers are growing and I hope to start dating soon. I lived peacefuly in my backyard, waiting for humans to serve me some regular food + fruits, minding my own busines, until that new creature came along. I understood they called her Sonia at the begining but she was nicknamed Stinky for her bad breath. Roscoe told me such insulting nick name for a little girl is quite deserving. So, Stinky is the only one who can still make it through the bars (everyone else is too fat) and enter the backyard to bother me. When I first met her I was appalled: I've never seen a barking rat before. She was going on and on and I had hard time getting rid of her. Me and my canine brothers and sisters, along with Josephine the turtle and our humans wish everybody on DWB happy new year. Love,