Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dear friends,
we appologize for not updating our blogy for more than two weeks. Here are the big news from our household: yesterday morning pawrents came back with this creature.
She was scrawny, starving and desperatly following people on the street of a small town called Horconcitos, hoping to get some food from them. It looks like she had "owners" as there was a string around her frail little neck. What kind of miserable creature could have let such a small girl go on without any food for days? Pawrents took her to our vet who gave her some vitamins and said that she is still a puppy, only four months old.
She spent rest of the day resting and slowly munching her puppy food.
As for me, I spent the rest of the day feeling jelaous. Pawrents tried to warm me up to Sonia and said that she is with us only permanently, until they find her a new home. Still, I wish everything was like it used to be in our home.
Sophie beagle