Friday, May 15, 2009

Dry season/ Rainy season

Dear woofy friends,
my mum had finished her course but a few days ago she pulled out one of those horrendous big bags and caught my distressed look. She started giving me lots of kisses and telling me something about how six weeks is not such a long time and how it will pass by quickly and she will be back. Six weeks! That's a year in a dog's life, lady!! I am always so distressed when one of my parents leave the house. So here I am recovering from the latest parental betrayal on a pillow with Panamanian mola on it. It is important to respect national heritage.
At the same time other doggies were looking forward to the change in the weather. Dry season is behind us. It was long, sunny and beautiful but awfully hot. Do you know what this is ?
This is Stinky looking for relief from heat on a flower bed. What a naughty girl, I told my parents not to drag those street dogs back to my house but they wouldn't listen. I asked them at least not to complain to me about the dirty sheets on their bed after one of those mongrels jump on it.That is all from me for today.
Love you all,
Roscoe Doodle