Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gift basket

Dear friends,
a few days ago we were all excited and happy. Muttallica band received unexpected gift from our vet who celebrated St. Francis day by sending their valued customers a gift basket filled with all kinds of doggie goodies.

Why are we vet's valued customers? None of us have any kind of chronical health problems but both of our pawrents rush to the vet as soon as they feel a lump on any of us, which usualy turn out to be due to fat since the two of us are battling with obesity. But that is a whole different story. First it was me Roscoe Doodle who tried to open the basket but I didn't manage. Sophie Beagle tried it as well but she also misses opposable tumb, so mum had to do it. Here is what was inside of the basket
I have to admitt I wasn't too impressed with the taste of the orange bone, but that was just me. Cookie like that tasted too ordinary and I am a doggie with distinct taste.

Unlike me, Sophie lunged at her cookie straight away
We even got three bandanas with our names on it!
Green for the boys (Louis's name was mispelled as "Lewis")
and pink for the girl
That was a great day for a bunch of mutts. Huggs and kisses from Roscoe Doodle

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sophie and scrawny feet

This is me taking a rest after a busy day of howling and running around.
Dad walked by and told me I have scrawny feet.

How rude is that? My feet are perfect: I can use them to run, jump and scratch inside my ears. Of course they have to be long and slim.
So, please dad don't tel me I can't become a supermodel with feet like this

Sophie beagle

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Louis the pit bull mutt

I am Muttalica's valued drummer. According to my pawrents' frequent testimonies I am the best behaved of all three. I think that's accurate. I do not bark at other dogs like Roscoe does nor do I flirt with every new man who visits the house like Sophie beagle does. I know how bad the doggie's life can get and that is why I enjoy the happiness I found with my new people.