Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeding hungry mutts in Panama

Dear friends,

Susie, the starving Dalmatian girl whom dad found and brought home to recover, died. She was too exhausted by starvation and food and loving home came too late for her. Parents witnessed few more deaths of street dogs due to malnurishment and poisoning and they decided they need to do something to help doggies here. So they want to set up a regular two times a day feeding program for street dogs of David (mid sized town in Chiriqui province of Panama). We support our parents in this endeavor as long as they promise not to bring home more "kids".

Friday, November 20, 2009


Dear friends,
two weeks ago, our dad came home with the story about the most emaciated dog he had ever seen. It was an older female Dalmatian mutt.
When he took her to the vet and when he opened her mouth they found that most of her teeth was missing and her mouth was full of dirt--the only thing she ate.
After few days spent at the animal clinic she came to our house and the spent first days mostly sleeping, and ate very little. It was only in the last two days that she started eating more and became curious about the world around her. We are mainly leaving her alone and try not to bother her. Get better soon Susie girl,

Friday, September 25, 2009


Dear friends,
After a long time, here is an update from our canine family. We are all happy and in the good health. Stinky and Eva, the two smallest girls became best friends aka "the wiggle girls". They both like to chase Boris the deer and when they are not competing for his attention, they, play, wrestle and nap together.
But the real big news we wanted to break today is: we have a new family member. His name is Carlito. He is much older than all of us, but our vet couldn't tell how old exactly he is. He thought he is about eight years old. He was owned by our neighbor who did not take great care of him. One of his front legs was hit by a car a long time ago and he has been limping on his three legs ever since. In addition to that his beautiful coat was a home to all kinds of bugs. Carlito had to stay outside the house and sometimes he would wander off and our pawrents were afraid that something bad might happen to him so they bought him from his previous owners. He is very happy with his new family, but mainly enjoys quiet snuggles with his new daddy.

Someone might wonder what is a hooman life like with so many kids. Here is a pic of an attempted afternoon nap. Stinky is absent because she was snapping this photo.

Love you all,


Friday, May 15, 2009

Dry season/ Rainy season

Dear woofy friends,
my mum had finished her course but a few days ago she pulled out one of those horrendous big bags and caught my distressed look. She started giving me lots of kisses and telling me something about how six weeks is not such a long time and how it will pass by quickly and she will be back. Six weeks! That's a year in a dog's life, lady!! I am always so distressed when one of my parents leave the house. So here I am recovering from the latest parental betrayal on a pillow with Panamanian mola on it. It is important to respect national heritage.
At the same time other doggies were looking forward to the change in the weather. Dry season is behind us. It was long, sunny and beautiful but awfully hot. Do you know what this is ?
This is Stinky looking for relief from heat on a flower bed. What a naughty girl, I told my parents not to drag those street dogs back to my house but they wouldn't listen. I asked them at least not to complain to me about the dirty sheets on their bed after one of those mongrels jump on it.That is all from me for today.
Love you all,
Roscoe Doodle

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are back!

Dear Friends,
We were absent from DWB community for a log time because our mum has been teaching in Panama City and that took away all her time and energy. Now school is almost over and we want to catch up with everyone. We have LOTS of news, some of it is good, some of it is not. First of all, Sonia aka Stinky has been growinng into a lovely young lady.
She has been playing with Boris the deer who occasionaly provided her with grooming services.

Roscoe and Sophie had been doing fine, but slightly irritated because we had three more newcomers:
and Walter.
Parents found the three of them when they took Harvey and Stinky to spaying clinic. Their owners were not able to take good care of them and they looked so undernourished that Dad decided to take them all home and send them back to Horconcitos (to become office managers) after they recover. Poor little Dexter already came seriously sick due to starvation and couple of weeks later he passed away. His internal organs were too damaged and regular food, love and vitamins came for him too late. He will always stay in our hearts.
Couple of weeks later parents sent Walter, Ewa and Harvey to Horconsitos and kept Roscoe, Sophie, Louis and Stinky at home in David, but right now Walter and Ewa are with us in David because they need to see the vet. Nothing serious though. So house is full, and we are all competing for the precious space on the big bad
We are so happy to be back to our bloggy and promise not to disappear again.
Love you all,

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear all,
here is Roscoe Doodle woofing the new story from Muttallica household. I overheard my pawrents talking how Sonia aka Stinky will eventually become an office dog back in Horconcitos and how they'll adopt another starving doggie and turn him/her into an office dog as well to keep Sonia a company. As it usualy happens it doesn't take too long for Mum to come home with a new mutt. She found him at the center of David. He was so weak from malnutrition that he barely moved. After a few days at the animal hospital he looked a little better. So here is Harvey the dog.
It is not easy to move around the house in which two humans and five canines walk, growl and wag their tails, so I am hopeful that two newcomers will soon depart for their new post as office managers in Horconsitos.
Mum is talking how she will miss little Stinky but whenever she comes back from a walk with four of us (Harvey is till too weak to walk a lot) she swears that Muttalica will become a trio again.
Our new friend Nessa (Queen of Slovenia) gave as this lovely friendship award. [award.jpg]
We were so sorry to hear sad news about Sen Chen, Destiny and Zoe (Addie's sister) and we are forwarding this award to their families.
Roscoe Doodle

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boris vs. Stinky

Dear friends, here is Boris the deer. Couple of blog entries ago my mum posted a very lame photo of me and here is her chance to fix that mistake. This is me, Boris the deer in my sophisitcated beauty. My little antlers are growing and I hope to start dating soon. I lived peacefuly in my backyard, waiting for humans to serve me some regular food + fruits, minding my own busines, until that new creature came along. I understood they called her Sonia at the begining but she was nicknamed Stinky for her bad breath. Roscoe told me such insulting nick name for a little girl is quite deserving. So, Stinky is the only one who can still make it through the bars (everyone else is too fat) and enter the backyard to bother me. When I first met her I was appalled: I've never seen a barking rat before. She was going on and on and I had hard time getting rid of her. Me and my canine brothers and sisters, along with Josephine the turtle and our humans wish everybody on DWB happy new year. Love,